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A Tidying Update #mind #soul

So, I KonMari’d all my books!

It makes me really happy to look at my bookshelf and know that every book is one that sparks joy in my heart.  13055607_1222519804432626_41022608125231565_n

This tidying task has triggered something unexpected – The Great Book Project Of 2016.  (Title will likely be changed to something more catchy later!)

When going through my books, I found myself with a stack of books that fit the following criteria: sparked joy and yet-to-be-read-by-me.

Some of these books have just gotten lost in the clutter and shuffle.  I borrow books from the library every week, so sometimes will be in the middle of reading three or four borrowed books.  Meanwhile, there are stacks of wonderful books on my shelf that I plan to read someday.

So, my challenge for TGBP of 2016 – read ALL the unread books on my bookshelf!  This will require me to take a break from the library (fat chance), and to be honest with myself about whether or not I really do want to read these books.  (Like Dancing In The Streets, by Barbara Ehrenreich.  It’s about celebrations of joy in various cultures, which sounds awesome.  But I have a feeling it’s just a sociology textbook with low readability.  Do I really want to read that?  We shall see.)

I’m going to do my best to chronicle this adventure and keep track of which books I read and decide not to read and why.

See the books that are part of this project in the following two photos:



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