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SNAPSHOT #heartsoulmindbodyspirit

Yesterday I got a book in the mail from a stranger.773038

The book is The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success, written by Deepak Chopra, and it was sent to me as part of a book lover’s chain letter.  If the chain works correctly, I should receive at least four books in the mail from strangers – so fun, and a great way to read books I wouldn’t normally pick up.

I haven’t been blogging recently, so there’s definitely lots to discuss in this snapshot.

-My nephew’s holy communion was last weekend, providing lots of good family time.  He was, of course, adorable.  

-One of my best friends came to visit Wild Peace Farm with her sons and her parents that same weekend.  Looking at the farm through her oldest son’s eyes was so much fun!

-Everything has been crazy and stressful at work.  Usually, I feel pretty centered and grounded on Mondays.  I can feel myself getting stressed by Tuesday, but am still okay.  By Thursday evening, I’m guzzling diet Cokes and hunting for chocolate.  By Friday evening, I’m talking on the phone with a co-worker in the bulk candy aisle at Wegmans, absent-mindedly filling a plastic bag with nonpareils.  THIS IS NOT A SIGN OF GOOD BALANCE.  MUST BE ADDRESSED.

-In an effort to deal with the aforementioned stress (cue sigh), I’ve been going for a run every morning.  This has been fantastic.

-I just finished a great book – 10% Happier, by Dan Harris.  It was wonderful; look for a blog post devoted to my takeaways soon!

Oh, self-care and balance – how you elude me!  But, I strive.  #progressnotperfection

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