Monday Morning Mojo #body #soul

It’s a cozy Monday morning in front of our charming wood stove.  This weekend has been great – restorative and rejuvenating.  I’ve gotten some writing done – gone for a run and a bike ride – completed several yoga sessions – done some reading.  I love my weekends; they help me to feel rested and ready for the work week.

Unfortunately, lately, I am exhausted and cranky by mid-week.

This week, I’m going to be mindful of the energy I have at the beginning of the week and do my best to keep myself healthy and happy as the week progresses.Balance-quote

My pitfalls include: not drinking enough water, drinking waaaaay too much caffeine, coming home and crashing and watching too much TV, working too many hours, and binging on candy or unhealthy foods.  Yuck.

I am excited to start off my week with a sense of intention and mindfulness.  Today I work up early to do some yoga and some writing.

I love yoga, but I can only do it in twenty-minute increments.  Luckily, I found a free video podcast called 20 Minute Yoga Sessions from – which is PERFECT.

Today I was struggling to achieve Half-Moon Pose – one foot on the floor, one hand on my yoga block, the other leg and hand in the air.  (That’s a terrible description; see below for a visual!)half-moon-pose

As if she could see me struggling, the yoga instructor said this: “The best way to find your balance is to lose your balance.”


I keep losing my balance lately – almost every week, in fact.  But when I become aware that I’m losing my balance, it’s a reminder to met to reset – to take a breath aBE EASYnd regain my poise.

These are my strategies for regaining my balance:

-Make time for exercise – no matter what.

-Eat healthy meals.  (STOP EATING CANDY AND SWEETS.)

-Drink water.

-Be present in the now – do one thing at a time.

-Take at least one meditation break per day.  You need to train your mind in self-love and acceptance.

-Slow down and breathe easy.  You’re doing the best you can.

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