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I Would Be A Terrible Detective #mind

You guys – I just read the best book!READY PLAYER ONE

It’s called Ready Player One, and it’s written by Ernest Cline.

The main character, Wade Watts, is in the middle of a crazy scavenger hunt.  He has to use his wits and his computer skills to decipher clues and read hidden signs.  I tried my best to solve the puzzles Wade faced and to predict what would happen next – to solve each mystery as the book presented it.

Here’s the thing about me: I love mysteries – in books, in movies, anywhere.  I find them so intriguing and exciting.  Serial, Making A Murderer, Monk, Encyclopedia Brown – I love them all.

Here’s the other thing about me: I would be the worst detective in the history of the world.  No contest.  Hands down – worst detective ever.

I’m not that observant.  I have to tell people this, somewhat apologetically, all the time – when I don’t notice their new haircut, or when I can’t give them landma10325666_10153747607766291_6660091271841028219_nrks when I’m giving directions.  I will not notice if you’re wearing a new outfit – if you are limping – if you’re wearing colored contact lenses.  If I ever witness a crime, the cops are going to assume I committed it – because why else would I claim to have noticed absolutely nothing about the crime scene?

My lack of observational skills is, in part, why I abandoned my original career goal of journalism.  Too many of my stories included lines like, “People were there.  I don’t know how many or why.”

I actually like this weakness of mine – my lack of observational skills.  It protects me from annoyance frequently, and it keeps me focused on the things that really matter to me.  It keeps me from making judgments based on appearance.

It makes me look silly at times – when I can’t explain directions properly or when I notice, for the first time, an aspect of someone’s appearance that is blatantly obvious to others.

But, all in all, it makes me happy.  And it allows me to relish mystery novels, because I never, ever, ever pick up on the clues enough to solve the mystery before the detective does.


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