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Today I decided to do a #How’sMyBalance? check-in, and I opened up this work-in-progress post to get started on it.

I had just finished Dan Harris’s book about meditation (10% Happier – see my post about it here!), and I definitely had meditation on my mind.

This was the draft I’d written several weeks ago for my #How’sMyBalance? post:

Recently I read an article about ways for highly sensitive people, empaths, and introverts to survive in a world that is full of talking and extroversion. (You can read the article here – loooove!)  This article emphasized the importance of meditaton as a grounding, centering practice, especially for people who are extra-sensitive to the energies and vibrations of the universe.  Yeah – I need some more of that meditation stuff.

So funny!  I didn’t even remember having written those words several weeks ago.  Clearly, the time has come for me to meditate.  I’ve felt very scattered and all-over-the-place recently.  Let’s see how my balance has been:

meta-chart (1)

My last check in was the morning of 2/29, and this pie chart represents my info as of 4/9.

THE BAD NEWS: I’ve been super unbalanced lately.  Work’s been crazy and it’s gotten in the way of my self-care.

THE GOOD NEWS: Clearly, I’ve been doing well with having my Me Time include all the different aspects of self I want to nourish!  This is a pretty rock star pie chart, if I do say so myself.

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