twwYES!  There is now a weekly podcast about one of my favorite TV shows ever, The West Wing.

I didn’t even know I needed this podcast to exist until it existed.

For several years of my twenties, circa 2005/2006, I was borderline obsessed with TWW.  To date, all of my understanding of politics stems from either my friend Squid, who works in DC and whose word I take for fact, and/or TWW.

For this podcast, Joshua Malina (who starred as Will Bailey on TWW) partners with  Hrishikesh Hirway; they are re-watching all of TWW and discussing each episode on a weekly basis.  I have not been re-watching the episodes at this point because there’s no need; I pretty much know all these episodes by heart.

BUT that could change; I really don’t need much of an excuse to go back and re-watch a favorite TV show.  Currently I’ve been re-watching The Office for no reason other than I FORGOT HOW INCREDIBLY FUNNY IT IS.  So we’ll see if I decide to binge-watch TWW.  Anyway – what’s next?

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