Taking The Steps #mind #soul

I discovered a new website,, when a friend’s Facebook post linked to something called 12 Steps For Normal People.

I was immediately intrigued.  I have experience with several different 12-step programs, and I find them fascinating and helpful.  I’ve often wished that 12-step programs were more accessible for individuals not struggling with addiction.  After all – we’re all struggling with something.  And Herb Eko Deer’s version of the steps (click here to check it out yourself) simplifies the 12 steps so that they apply to life and not just to addiction.

My engagement with 12-step programs has been limited recently, and I have been thinking that I need some more of it.  I got myself to a 12-step meeting yesterday and found it was exactly what I needed to get myself re-centered and re-charged.  Leaving the meeting, I felt a kind of serenity that I haven’t felt for weeks.

A significant aspect of all 12-step programs (I think) is spirituality – but this version (12 Steps For Normal People) leaves out all mention of God.  (Which I appreciate.)  I’m just going to depict these steps for today – I’m sure I’ll write more about these 12 steps, and other versions, in the future.

12 Steps For Normal People

1) Admit we have issues and we are un-happy because of them

Serenity-Prayer2) Become willing to do these steps, believing we can heal if we do

3) Let go of “controlling” our issues, ask for help with them

4) Make a thorough list of all the resentments we have caused or have gotten, listing our part in them as well as our issues and triggers around them

5) Share this list with someone who can support and encourage us in this process

6) List our emotional issues and triggers, taken from the 4th step

7) Ask for help with these issues

8) Make a thorough list all the people we’ve hurt, especially those mentioned in the 4th step

9) Apologize to them all, making amends appropriately, unless it would cause more harm than good.

10) Continue these steps regularly, perhaps daily, as a spiritual practice

11) Meditate and pray about this process, letting go of selfish goals

12) Help others to heal their lives

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