My Evolving Consciousness #soul #spirit

There are people and things that are put into your life to challenge yolife-quotesu, to teach you, and to inspire growth.  I firmly believe this to be true.

I also believe this Eckhart Tolle quote: “Life will give you whatever experience is the most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.”

I believe these things are true.  That doesn’t mean I’m happy about it.  

I have several things in my life currently that are challenging me.  These experiences are helping me to grow and most certainly are helpful to the evolution of my consciousness.  And I really, really, really wish they would stop!

I’m sure that these experiences have a lot to teach me.  I believe that whatever is meant to be will be, and I know that I have to trust the universe to guide me in the flow of my life.


Even worse is my next belief.


Yup.  So whatever is challenging me right now, at this moment – it has something to teach me.  And it is NOT going away until I do my learnin’.

The thing is – I can’t force that education to happen.  When I’m dealing with a challenge, I frequently have the urge to manage it, to struggle my way through it.

That doesn’t work.  I have to let go.  I can’t get out of growing by doing – I have to sit still and allow the universe to educate me.

To be clear – this is how I feel about this education:


When you’re in the middle of a lesson-learning life experience,all you can do is let go and have faith.  So that’s what I’m doing.  C’est la vie!

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