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What do you do when every fiber of your being wants to complain about something, but your best self is tapping you on the shoulder, reminding you that complaining makes you unhappy and does nothing to better your situation?

You blog about it?  I guess?

Not about your complaint, of course.  That would be counter-productive.  BUT maybe about the Thirty-Something Epiphany when you realize that venting doesn’t always get all the negativity out.  Sometimes, it churns the negativwpid-img_53774481773372ity up.

I have been mega-extra-super-tense these past few weeks; I chalk it up to uncertainty, annoyance, resentment, stress, disruption, lack of self-care – maybe more?  And I keep running along the awful hamster wheel of stress and complaining – feel stressed, get annoyed, complain about it, get more annoyed, get more stressed – repeat.

The thing with happiness is – it comes from within.  Happiness is not about having a perfect life – it’s not really about our circumstances at all.  It’s about our state of mind, our attitude.  It’s all about inner peace.

I’ve been trying to make self-care a priority this week – going to the gym (ugh, longing for spring!), cutting back on caffeine, eating healthy snacks and meals.  I’m facing a lot of new challenges at work, and I’m better able to face challenges when I feel centered and grounded.

While I was browsing the internet, looking for inspiration for my writing – finding time to write is really important self-care for me! – I found this image:


I love it, and I can’t explain why.  When we have a soul moment, we often don’t know the ‘why’ behind it.

I think that maybe, when I am feeling tense, I lose some of my lightness – it’s easy to be heavy, hard to be light.  Choose happy.  Choose peaceful.  Choose lightness.

Sometimes, when I’m in a funk like I was when I got home tonight, I get caught up in my head, trying to figure out a plan, a way to think myself out of my funk.  But the thing is – my soul knows what it needs, and my soul will tell me what it needs, if I can still my mind for long enough to let my soul shine.

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