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It’s been difficult to stay balanced these past few weeks.  Tee and I have been dealing with some stressors and it’s thrown off our household routine.

Hopefully, this week will be a chance for both of us to recharge and to get back on track, personally and professionally.  be-enough

For me, my work-life balance has suffered over the past few weeks.  Usually, I am pretty good at leaving work at work and relishing my leisure hours.  But I’ve been learning to do a lot of new things at work, and I’ve been going in early and staying late, not leaving a lot of time for writing, reading, or exercise.

This weekend, I’ve been able to enjoy some writing time.  I’ve finished a few posts, started some new ones, and generally been able to find my creative center.

One thing I’ve learned from writing and blogging regularly is that it’s not easy to distinguish a genius idea from a half-formed thought.  Sometimes, I’ll start thinking about butterflies, and all of a sudden I’m writing an essay in my head about the nature of growth and change.  Then, there are other times, when I start thinking about a nightmare I had, and then I start writing, and expanding – and then I realize that it was just a dumb nightmare about forgetting to buy anyone in my family Christmas presents and there’s nothing more to be said about it.

Anyway – here’s a list of the half-formed thoughts I am currently

-If you google “heartsoulmindbody,” no spaces, my blog comes up!  It makes me really happy every time.

-I’m getting pretty sick of the adoption wait.  It’s overwhelming, and it’s frustrating.  I’m sick of jumping through hoops, I’m sick of all the tasks involved with getting our home study updated.  I’m exhausted.

-I suck when it comes to gifts.  Tee is the CUTEST.  For every anniversary, she’s given me a theme present – a copy of our wedding poem for year one (paper), a short-sleeved pajama set for year two (cotton), and a green soccer ball for year three (leather).  BUT this Valentine’s Day I actually got my act together and was able to surprise Tee with some gifts, which is even more fun than receiving gifts.  (More on Valentine’s Day later!)

-Today I did approximately fifteen minutes of yoga!  It felt great – it was the first time in forever that I’ve stretched my body into those familiar poses.

Cheers to a week of recharging and resetting myself!  Cheers to a week of getting closer to my spirit.

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