Be More Awesome: My Intentions For 2016 #heart #soul

I love my birthday.

A birthday is a time to reflect and to set intentions for yourself.  Every year, no matter where I am, I try to spend a little of my birthday curled up in a coffee shop with a journal, a planner, a book, and Tee.  My birthday is the day after Christmas and a few days before the New Year starts, so this time of year is chock full of moments of reflection for me.

This year, there are a few different intentions I’ve set for myself for the year 2016 and my 34th year.

With the hope of making these resolutions abstract enough to really embrace them as well as specific enough to make them measurable, I have chosen a big picture resolution as well as one or two distinct objectives to go along with it.1012536_972659872806777_4646776751665399893_n

  • Be more present.  Do one thing at a time fully.  (Less multi-tasking and less background noise.)
    • Listen well.  (I strive to be a better listener.)
  • Be more connected.  Write letters and cards.
    • Plan visits.
  • Be more honest.Be impeccable with your word.  (I get extremely stressed by white lies and half-truths.)
  • Observe a nightly ritual.  Go to bed a little later.  (You’re a grown-up.  Maybe ten?)
    • No screen time after nine.
    • Have some winding down time – drinking tea, brushing your teeth, and washing your face.
    • Go to bed without television or headphones.

It’s already after nine tonight, so this will clearly not be observed until tomorrow.

12189705_673782252764959_5012681181847237925_n (1)

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