balance · snapshots


There’s a lot happening right now.

We’re moving.  I’m starting a new job.  Our plans for the holidays are in flux.

And that’s gotten me thinking about how to maintain balance amidst change and chaos.

One of the patterns I’ve noticed is that sometimes when there’s a lot of wonderful stuff going on in one quadrant of my being, I am usu11011033_10153768280728593_2121378801447237781_nally neglectful at that same time of other quadrants.  A lot of heart food means less soul food.  A lot of mind food means less body food.

When a lot is going on or when my routine is off – due to holidays, or moving, or a new work schedule, all of which I’m experiencing currently – I have to exercise more effort.  I have to pay close attention to self-care and nourishment in all four quadrants.

My last check-in was on October 24.  I’ve been getting a little bored with my lists of how many posts I’ve had addressing heart, soul, mind, body, and spirit, so I went crazy this time around and made a pie chart.


Definitely more fun than my list!  And it’s helpful to have a visual – I can see patterns and conclusions more quickly.  For example, I kicked butt with #soul nourishment this fall, which is not what I expected.  I’ve felt like my soul food’s been lacking lately – like I need some meditation and yoga in my life this winter.

My birthday’s coming up, and that’s always a good time to reflect and to set my intentions.  I am crossing my fingers that one of my birthday gifts is a journal so that I can start fresh with a new writing notebook.  (I have several empty books tucked away in a box somewhere in the new house, but that won’t help until we’re done unpacking in mid-June.)  My pie o’ balance is pretty skewed; I am, as always, hopeful that my next check-in will be a more traditionally-sliced pizza pie.

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