This morning, I sat down to write with a scatterbrained mind.  I had one of those moments when I don’t know where to start, and so I don’t start at all.

Maybe it’s a moment when I can only write in bullet points.  Using a list format sometimes helps me to put everything in order.

-A few weeks ago, on an unseasonably warm on Wednesday, I spent the last hour of sunlight running around Druid Lake.  It was lovely.  Tee and I then met up with an old friend at Artifacts Coffee (looooove Artifacts) and listened to a bluegrass band playing for a fellow farm’s fundraising event.  #heart #body #spirit635685174558718456-Why-Not-Me-Final

-I’ve been in a reading rut.  Sometimes when I’m in a reading rut,  I need a light, fast read to snap myself out of it.  Luckily, Mindy Kaling’s new book recently came out.  I finished it in a day and found it light, easy, and funny.  #mind

-A college friend visited from NYC last week.  It’s always wonderful to have a few hours of catching up with a dear, old friend.  #heart

-That friend became the third person to insist that I listen to the soundtrack to Hamilton, the Broadway musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton.  I can’t stop listening to it – I am obsessed.  #mind #spirit

-I drove home in heavy rain one day last week and was rewarded with a gorgeous Maryland rainbow as I drove through Baltimore County.  I love rainbows; rainbows remind me to be mindful and grateful and in awe.  #soul98e1db4b879ca464feac8f89ce997368

There’s been a lot of #heart time for the past few weeks, which is lovely – Tee and I have had dinner dates and out-of-town visitors and family time – but sometimes, a lot of #heart food means less #soul nourishment for me.  When things get busy and hectic, it’s a challenge to carve out time for solitude.  And for people like me, we really need that alone time to recharge our batteries.  This morning, it’s all about the soul – writing, reading, coffee, and the bliss of quiet Saturday mornings.


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