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My Love/Hate Relationship With Television #mind #heart

Whenever I am making resolutions about balance, I usually set an intention related to TV watching.124

Sometimes, TV can really get in the way of my mindfulness.  I listen to a lot of TV while doing other things – cleaning, getting dressed, even falling asleep at night.

Tee and I don’t have cable, and we’re not huge TV watchers, but I do love TV as a medium.  I find certain TV shows so clever and witty – The West Wing, for example, or The Newsroom.  (I do love me some Aaron Sorkin.)  A few years ago, during a really rough few months I had while crashing on a friend’s couch in D.C., I watched The West Wing and Scrubs so much that I might have been temporarily qualified to run a presidential election campaign or perform an appendectomy.

When I was in high school, FRIENDS was my favorite show and an awesome bonding experience with my best childhood friend.  My other favorites have included Arrested Development, The Office, Parks & Recreation, 30 Rock, The L Word, Monk, How I Met Your Mother, and The Big Bang Theory.  When a show is clever, funny, and sharp, I find it wonderful #mind food.    

These days,Séries_Janethevirgin Tee and I are super-into a new TV show – well, new to us: Jane The Virgin.  I am obsessed!  We’re up to Chapter Twenty and we can’t stop watching.  I’m dreading when we’re done with the first season and have to wait months for the second season to be available on DVD from the library.  Then again, we may need the delay, otherwise we will never, ever catch up on the laundry.

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