I Can’t Stop Reposting SARK #soul #nonstop

I was given my first SARK book at Boston University.  I was working in the Student Activities Office during my senior year, and one of my faculty advisers gave the book Succulent Wild Women as a graduation gift.

I loved it.  SARK’s books are about creativity, friendship, prosperity, and inspiration.  And they’re colorful and beautiful and quirky.  The author’s actual name is Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy; SARK is her pen name.  Her books are incredibly beautiful.  (See below for an image of the inside of one of her playful, lovely books!)  I started giving SARK books as gifts compulsively.


Recently I’ve discovered SARK’s Facebook page, and it’s been wonderful #soul food.  She posts beautiful images and quotes, some hers and some from others.  I’ve been reposting them, sharing them constantly.

I really like this SARK quote: Invent your world.  Surround yourself with people, color, sounds, and work that nourish you.  

The thing11215731_10153771532108593_6922398325195053921_ns that nourish me – that’s what I need around.  Healthy food – love – fresh air – nature – colors.  I am very intentional about my space.  I like my space to be warm and inviting and comforting and comfortable.  And I like the people around me to be those things, too.

More and more, I’ve been using social media as a vehicle for inspiration and creativity.  I’ve only been ‘following’ the pages and the people who fill my life with positivity and beauty.   There’s a lot to worry about and to fret about in life – there always has been , and there always will be.  If I choose to surround myself with peace and joy, though, my worries melt away and my heart is filled with serenity.

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