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Sometimes we are held hostage by our own expectations.  At least, I am.

I expect things to work out a certain way and then, when they don’t, I am crushed.  Crushed.  It doesn’t feel good to be crushed.

anne lamottAnne Lamott says –

Sidebar: Was every wise statement written by Anne Lamott?  Possibly.

-“Expectations are resentments waiting to happen.”

It’s true that I am happiest and freest when I live my life without attachment to any specific outcome.  But it’s so hard to live like that with any consistency.

Sometimes I browse the internet looking for blogging inspiration.  One day I googled “flow” and scanned through images to see what caught my eye.  I found this image: free yourself

A bird, flying free of its cage.

Survival Strategy # 3: Let go.

Let go of all your expectations about when things will happen and how things will happen.  You can’t control how your life turns out.  You can let go; you can relinquish control, and you can set yourself free.

Hope # 3: Looking forward to bedtime reading with Our Babadoption2y.

Tee and I were in Kohl’s last Christmas, shopping for gifts, and we were looking in the book section for a picture book for one of our nieces.  We found a book called I Love You Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt.  We decided against buying it for our niece, thinking that maaaybe her parents wouldn’t like if we tried to introduce Stinky Face as a catchy new nickname.  (Our six-year-old nephew would have LOVED it!)

We decided to get the book for Our Baby.  So, Stinky Face, come home soon!

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