DWTS Life Lessons #guiltypleasures #musings

I couldn’t sleep last night so I caught myself up on the current season of Dancing With The Stars.  I found some wisdom as I watched.  dancing-with-the-stars-cast-leak

I am weirdly obsessed with DWTS.  I find it so entertaining.  I usually find a celebrity, sometimes someone I’ve never heard of before the season’s start, and cheer for them with great spirit.

During the last season of Dancing With The Stars this past spring, Tee and I were huge fans of Patti LaBelle.  She was so entertaining and full of life; everyone on the cast and in the audience seemed enthralled with her.

Patti danced during the same season as Noah Galloway, a war hero who lost an arm and a leg in the Iraq war.  There was one week when Patti experienced a knee injury and, in typical DWTS fashion, the show features a dramatic montage highlighting her injury and drumming up suspense about how she’d be able to dance through it.  Patti danced a foxtrot with her pro partner, Artem, and then the two joined Erin Andrews (my favorite from Season 10!) for their post/dance chitchat.

Erin inquired politely about Patti’s knee, and Patti, in her charming way, got real with her.  “Let’s get some perspective, people; Noah only has one leg.”

Say it loud, Patti.  These wise DWTS words really helped Tee and me during that following week when we experienced some tough personal news.  We’d look at each other and think – yeah, let’s get some perspective.  That would keep us from getting sucked into pointless self-pity.

Last night, I had another DWTS wisdom moment.  My current obsession is Bindi Irwin, wildlife conservationist and daughter of the Crocodile Hunter.  She’s dancing with Derek Hough and they’ve been killing it.  Plus – she hwpid-wp-1396113803624as an infectious spirit and such charm and personality.

The episode I watched last night was DWTS’s Season 21 Halloween Night.  Bindi was portraying a vampire queen, and she had to be scary and intimidating, difficult for a girl so naturally sweet.  In the intro to the dance, Bindi said she had to think of this portrayal in a dfferent way – she tried to be strong rather than scary.

“Never confuse kindness with weakness,” she said.

I like that a lot.  I think of myself as kind and gentle, but I don’t want to look at myself, or have the world see me, as weak. Being a nice person doesn’t mean you’re not strong.  In fact, it takes a lot of strength to be kind and gentle.  I like that I get words of wisdom from teenaged wildlife conservationists.  Many thanks to DWTS.

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