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Introducing Mantra Monday 

I’ve always loved Mondays.  I like new beginnings and fresh starts.  A Monday always seems to be a good day to kick off a new habit or to set a new intention.

This Monday, my intention is to slow things down – to stay in the moment.  My mantra is do one thing at a time, fully.  do_one_thing_at_a_time

There is a lot going on right now in life.  It’s always overwhelming when a lot of changes are happening at once, and I need to find ways to keep myself grounded and centered.

The thing about doing one thing at a time is that it is an always-accessible road to mindfulness.  And, it really does help me to calm myself.  I feel proud and peaceful when I am able to keep my scatter-brained self focused on one thing at a time, especially in the midst of chaos and change.

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