#mind #soul #crocheting

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about crocheting for months.  Today’s the day.

The first time I crocheted a scarf was during my first AmeriCocrochetingrps year.  I learned so that I could crochet baby blankets for a charity organization in Charleston, SC.  I can’t remember who taught me – maybe my friend Angela? – but pretty much everyone in my life got a tightly crocheted scarf as a gift that year.

I don’t know the brain science behind it, but crocheting really helps me to be a good listener.  I enjoy sitting in a room full of people, talking, listening, while working on a baby blanket.  (It’s mostly baby blankets.  Sometimes hats.  I love crocheting, but list of “things I can crochet” is not super-long.)

I’ve been meaning to write about crocheting because it’s major #mind and #soul food for me.  It’s also a good way to center myself when I feel all over the place and I crave stillness.

I like to crochet during meetings or when I’m talking with a friend.  It’s the meditative power of repetitive tasks again; once you know how to crochet, it becomes automatic,1323317280327953236crochet+clipart-300x249-md and you can get into a rhythm, a flow, with your mind completely focused on the outer world – a conversation, a lecture – while a part of your mind is also completely engaged in your crocheting.  I don’t usually enjoy learning about science, as Tee can attest to, but I would be interested in learning the explanation for this phenomenon.  Then I could explain it to my boss and I could start bringing the green hat I am crocheting to all of my IEP meetings.

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