#heart #body

I’ve had a lot of #heart food lately.  201202-orig-brene-brown-love-949x534

I’ve gotten to spend some time with my beloved college friend, Emmababemma, who moved to Maryland this July; she has two adorable sons, a 16-month-old and an almost-four-year-old, with whom I love to snuggle and play the Birthday game.  It’s been really wonderful to have her close by; it’s been a long time since I’ve had a best friend less than an hour away from my home.

I watched my nephew (7) and my niece (4) play soccer today.  They’re sweet and athletic and excited and so much fun to cheer for!  I get to sit on the sidelines with my brother, my sister-in-law, and my two littlest nieces, who are seven months old and two years old.

My #body work has been deficient lately.  I got into a running rut, and rather than pushing myself through it, I gave myself a couple of sanctioned weeks off.  Today I walked my neighborhood running loop, which is about three miles, and that was a good first step back on my running road.  AxyixW8CAAIIZST

Additionally in the #body realm, I cooked dinner tonight, which I almost never do.  I baked two small spaghetti squashes and then spooned them into a pan and layered in tomato sauce and parmesan cheese – voila, spaghetti squash lasagna!  Tee has made it before, so she coached me a little.  Hopefully I’ll have more cooking experiences to chronicle in the coming months.

Overall – some good #heart and #body nourishment this week!

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