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The Blessing of an Unencumbered Day #soul #mind

My boss for my weekend job gave me the day off today.  (Translation: After a crazy week at work, Tee saw the exhaustion in my face and told me to stay home today and not harvest.  I gratefully agreed.) 

I set an alarm for seven o’clock and got myself dressed at an easy pace.  I headed out for a meeting and breakfast with a friend.  I passed by a Goodwill Superstore and I scoured the racks in search of tie dye for my Halloween costume.  (Goodwill Superstores are my jam.)  to-do-list-nothing

I then climbed back into my car and realized that I didn’t have a destination – no place that I needed to be.  I could stop by the farm – I could visit the library – I could call a friend.   There was plenty to do but nothing that needed to get done.

Days like that are rarer and rarer as I get older, and I know they’ll be even more rare once Our Baby comes home.

There are times when having absolutely no plans feels overwhelming to me.  I have to fight off the “shoulds” – I should be doing something productive.  Or, I should be visiting friends.  Or, I should be busier, more social – being busy means you are worthy and productive and popular.

Today, I’m not fighting off those shoulds.  It feels wonderful to have a dayimg_0499 free to write and to nap.  (I didn’t sleep very well last night.  Also I love napping and I don’t need an excuse to climb back into my bed for an afternoon snooze.)  These past few weeks of work have been hectic and stressful, and I haven’t had a lot of time to wonder and to wander and to follow my heart’s fancy.  Or, when I’ve had free time, it’s a weekday evening and I am way too spent to generate the energy for anything creative or spontaneous or fun.

A day like today is like a HUGE metaphorical refresh button.  Drinking tea, cleaning up, writing, reading, and getting stoked for a low-key evening of dinner and Wild Peace Book Club.  Simple and sweet.

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