#heartsoulmindbodyspirit #balanced

I-dont-know-so-well-what-I-think-until-I-see-what-I-sayThese past few weeks have been hectic.  There’s been a lot to write about, but it’s been difficult to put thoughts and feelings into words.

Yet again, the comfort of lists helps me.

  • My cousin got married last Saturday!  She looked beautiful and she married a wonderful guy.  Lots of family time and major #heart food.
  • Tee and I spent the day after the wedding at the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the New York Botanical Gardens; it was our third anniversary gift to ourselves.  It was a lovely, picturesque day in a part of New York I’ve never ventured to before.
  • Eight days until Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith (a.k.a. J.K. Rowling) comes out!  (Again, on a Tuesday.)  Currently, I’m reading The Improbable Future by Alice Hoffman and loving it so far; it’s helping me to deal with the wait for the next Cormoran Strike novel.
  • This weekend, after spending the last weekend in New York, we got back to our homestead.  Harvesting on Saturday was just Tee and me, and we weren’t in a rush to get to any social engagements.  We took our time, we enjoyed the crisp fall day, and we talked about our weeks, past and future.  Sometimes when you’re married, you see each other every single day, but don’t get a chance to talk about the minutiae of your everyday lives; harvesting is a good time for that.
  • Yesterday after market, Tee and I took our seven-year-old nephew climbing at Earth Treks, a climbing gym in Timonium, MD.  It was so fun!  Our nephew loved it, and it was amazing to see him starting off, hesitant, unsure, and then climbing all the way up to touch the T-Rex hold at the top owritingf the wall.  Tee and I got in a couple of climbs, too – the first time we’ve climbed in several years.  I’ve definitely been bitten by the climbing bug again – hopefully we’ll get in some more climbs in the future!

So I guess this has been a pretty well-balanced few weeks overall, though it’s seemed hectic and unbalanced at times.

And I guess today is one of those days when I need to write out all the random thoughts in my head – clearing away clutter so that I can simultaneously count my blessings and sift through my thoughts and feelings.  I am flexing my writing muscles after a few days away from the keyboard, and it feels great.

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