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When I first read Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project, I was excited to start my own happiness project.  I really liked Gretchen’s idea of ‘changing your life without changing your life’ – using small but significant changes to make yourself happier.  I carried around a binder with my resolutions charts, and I (like Gretchen) had a theme for each month, making five or six resolutions to go along with the theme.

I actually started a blog to chronicle my project.  Yes – heart soul mind body is not the first blog I’ve initiated.  But I’ve been sticking with this blog way longer than I have with any previous efforts.

Nothing-to-blogI think it’s been easier to keep up with this blog because I’ve given myself permission to go off-theme.  Yes, I blog about balance – but I also write about the adoption wait, or any random musings or thoughts that pop into my head.

It’s fun thinking about Project KEM, which is what I called my happiness project.  I had a theme for each month – simplicity, spirituality, creativity, mindfulness – family, friends, love, health, work, and play.  I’m missing one – I can’t think of it.

I’m always a sucker for a self-improvement project.  Currently, my obsession is simplifying and tidying a la Marie Kondo.  More on that to come, I’m sure.

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