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Tee likes to recommend new podcasts for me to check out.  Her recommendations are always good, but I have to absorb them one at a time; when I try to incorporate too many new podcasts into my podcast diet, I get overwhelmed.

My current podcast diet includes Happier With Gretchen Rubin; Podcast For America; About Race; Dear Sugar; Magic Lessons; The Total Soccer Show; Slate’s Audio Book Club; CNN Debates; Invisibilia; Serial (I keep waiting for a little red 1 to pop up on that one!); On The Media (which I only occasionally listen to); and Death Sex & Money.

I’m caught up on all my regular podcasts, so the other day I decided to check out my phone’s top podcasts chart.  A new podcast was at the top of the list, in the number one spot; it was called Limetown.  I decided to download it to see what it was all about.  Limetown-stories-podcast

I am totally hooked!

The first time I listened, I thought that Limetown was a Serial-type podcast, a reporter re-investigating an old true crime-esque story – in Limetown‘s case, the disappearance of over three hundred people from a research facility in Tennessee.  I got extremely excited listening to the first episode, and texted several friends telling them that another real life, true crime, suspenseful, intriguing, addictive podcast was now available for download.

Yeah – I was wrong.  Limetown is fictional.  My bad.  But – it’s still awesome!

Only parts one and two are currently available; the story will supposedly be told in seven parts, and my googling indicates that a new episode will be available every two weeks or so.  I keep checking my phone to see the little red 1 pop up.  (See?  Just like Serial!)  And I hope this new podcast continues to be as intriguing and compelling as its first two episodes were.  For now, Limetown definitely has a space reserved in my podcast diet.

Writer’s Note – As of 10/19/15, I am feeling a little down on Limetown.  I think the wait time between episodes – almost a month between episodes 2 and 3 – causes my interest to wane.  However, I’m going to stick with it and hope for the best! 

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