#WildPeaceFarm #DruidHillFarmersMarket #heart #body

Wednesday is Druid Hill Farmers Market Day!  Tee and I love both of the markets we currently attend as vendors – the Catonsville Farmers Market on Sundays, anDruid Hill Farmers' Market 2013d Druid Hill on Wednesdays.  This market is held in Druid Hill Park, right next to the Druid Hill Conservatory.

Each of this markets has a different flavor, so to speak.  One of the things I like about the Druid Hill Park market is its location, in Baltimore City.  I spend so much time in the country and the suburbs these days that it can be refreshing to spend a few hours in the city.  It also feels good to be bringing healthy organic vegetables into a neighborhood where our produce isn’t readily available.  Last week, a little boy came up to our table and, vegetable by vegetable, asked me what every single veggie on the table was called; it was the cutest thing ever.  I hope he retains the info; I didn’t know what kohlrabi was until I was 29 years old, so he’d be years ahead of me.

This year, as an extra special treat for me and Tee, Zeke’s Coffee is also at the Druid Hill market!  (I assume they knew Tee and I would love that.  Right?)  We get to pick up our two favorite varieties – Gunpowder Espresso Blend and Hippie Blend – every week.

Next week is the last week of the Druid Hill Farmers Market for the season.  Come visit!

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