#mind #soul

A few years ago, I started drafting a memoir.

I’ve always wanted to write, and I prefer creative, imaginative writing.  I don’t always enjoy writing about my own life.  It’s hard for me to remember details – it’s hard for me to relive losses and sadness.

But, I’ve felt this inner pull to write about myself.  writeI feel like I need to write all this stuff – the crap in my head, just everyday thoughts.  I feel like I can’t write creatively until I’ve sifted through some of the real, live thoughts in my head and gotten them onto the page.

My memoir work has been set aside, at least for the moment; the pages I’ve typed are tucked away in a folder, somewhere among the books and papers in my writing corner.  But this blog is turning into a great way for me to sort through my everyday thoughts.

Sometimes I finish a blog post, and I look back at it, and it seems inane, dull, pointless.  But nothing is pointless – it’s all runway work.  It’s all getting things out of my head and my heart and onto the page.  I feel so much more connected and courageous and clear since I started writing this blog.  And it’s helping me to keep my head and my heart in balance.

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