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Last week, Tee and I went to a talk by Brene Brown, held at Sixth and I in Washington, D.C.  Brene talked about her new book, Rising Strong, and some of the concepts she’s introduced about how to get back up after a fall.

I absolutely love Brene Brown; I felt like a groupie, or like a devotee listening to her guru.  The sixty-minute talk flew by, and when it was over, I felt like I could have listened to her for six more hours.  Or days.  Or weeks.

The talk felt refreshing to me – it felt like an opportunity to use my imaginary restart button.  There are so many takeaways from Brene Brown – so many.  I fear that I will spend the next six months talking in Brene Brown phrases; I’ve already referenced “standing in my truth” at least a dozen times in the last seven days.

I’m sharing Brene Brown’s insanely popular Ted Talk on the power of vulnerability.  Just because.

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