#heart #mind #unmindfulness

I’m not having a very mindful fortnight.  mindfulness

For the past few weeks, my mind has been all over the place.  I’ve been catching up on The Newsroom so I can watch the third season, which I have on loan from the library.  I discovered two new games on my phone – Trivia Crack and 1010.  (They are awesome and amazing and addictive and I highly recommend NEVER downloading them; I’ve already made myself delete them.)  I’ve also been very distracted and caught up in my head about the adoption wait.

However, there have been some efforts at balance: a reunion with my college friends in New York (#heart) and alternating between reading Rising Strong and The Story Of The Lost Child (#mind).  And there’s more awesomeness to come – an evening with Brene Brown tonight (!!!) and some quality family time this weekend.

Writing this is helping me to realize that my #soul nourishment is lacking – and that some #soul food will likely help me get to a more mindful place.         

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