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I had an interesting balance epiphany today.

My daily commute is about 30 to 45 minutes each way.  That’s about at least an hour a day that I spend in my car (affectionately nicknamed Howard) listening to podcasts.

It’s a great time for podcasts.  All my gurus have podcasts now – child Head.Children Learn to thinkCheryl Strayed, Elizabeth Gilbert, Gretchen Rubin.  And Tee is always recommending new podcasts for me.  The two most recent additions to my podcast diet are Podcast For America and [Our National Conversation About Conversations] About Race; I’ve spent the last couple of weeks binge-listening, first to Podcast For America and then to About Race.  These two podcasts are somewhat similar in style – three smart people talking about things going on in the world, though Podcast For America is primarily focused on the 2016 presidential campaign and About Race is focused on (duh) conversations about race.

This morninmusic-feeds-my-soulg, I had my revelatory mind/soul moment.  I’d been binge-listening to About Race for approximately a week, listening to a new episode every time I was in the car or doing some mindless task around the house.  I was in the middle of an episode, and I had about 15 minutes left in my commute.

And all of a sudden, I was done, for that moment, with podcasts.

I switched from About Face to putting my music on shuffle.  The first song that came on was absolutely ridiculous – think Britney Spears, circa 2001.  I turned it up loud and sang along.  I listened to music all day – during my afternoon commute, at work, while running.

It was as if I’d been so cerebrally engaged in Podcast Land that eventually my soul needed to protest – to force me out of #mind mode and into #soimagesul mode.

I’m not a huge music lover.  I mean, that’s a weird way to put it – because I love music.  But I’m not one of those people who spends all their disposable income on concert tickets, or buys music as soon as it’s released .  I do, however, feel like music feeds my soul in unique and beautiful ways.

Our brains and our bodies sometimes give us signals for what we need.  Clearly, today, I was in need of some #soul food, giving my much-nourished mind a break.

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