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I’ve recently realized how much I enjoy re-hashing something I’ve experienced.

For example, Tee and I are both really into this podcast called The Total Soccdas7LpU3er Show.  Generally, we watch either the USMNT or the USWNT play a game, and then the next day we listen to this podcast, with two knowledgeable and funny commentators talking about what happened in the game.  I’ve realized that listening to the podcast is almost as much fun as watching the game itself.  (I guess that’s why ESPN sports shows are such a big deal.  I’ve always wondered.)

Having a book club is another way to enjoy the re-hashing of a cultural experience.  I’ve been loving Wild Peace Book Club – it’s a chance to discuss one of my great pleasures (reading) with smart and insightful people, to hear someone else’s opinions about a book and to see how their opinion looks side-by-side with my own.

audio book clubThis weekend, I was scrolling through a list of podcasts on my phone, and I found that Slate.com has an Audio Book Club!  It’s been in existence since 2006, so I can’t believe I haven’t heard of it until now.  They’ve reviewed many awesome books – Station Eleven, Bad Feminist, To Kill A Mockingbird, Eat Pray Love, Gone Girl – so I am happily going through their feed and listening to great discussions about wonderful books.  (This is the first time that I’ve discovered a new podcast before Tee; I recommended it and she is now also addicted!)

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