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CONFESSIONAL: I’ve been slackin’ a little with my blog and with my balance.

I blame books.

Seriously – when I get on a reading kick, I get neglectful of other areas of my life.  Tee has been encouraging me to read a series of books byecard Elena Ferrante – I believe they’re called, collectively, “the Neapolitan Novels.” The first title is My Brilliant Friend, and I read the book in two days – with breaks for my work day and for Tee time, nothing else – and now I’m partway into the second book in the series, The Story Of A New Name.  (In between these two, I read Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll, which I also liked a lot.)

I’ve been trying to keep my writing habit in place during this reading kick, but there were a couple of days when I woke up at 5 a.m. for my writing time and decided, “Yeah, this isn’t gonna happen today” – and dove back into My Brilliant Friend, reading for an hour before starting to get ready for work.

This reading kick is wonderful #mind food, and I’ve been maintaining my running habit as well (#body), as well as having #heart time.  (I just got home from seeing several dear friends and family members in New York, which is always amazing #heart food.)  However, my #soul energy has been lacking, and I can feel it.  I’ve been craving some quiet, meditative moments – which sometimes, in the midst of a crazy, hectic, wonderful summer, are hard to come by.  #progressnotperfection

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