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The 2nd (official) Wild Peace Book Club gathering took place this weekend!  We read and discussed Bad Feminist, a book of essays by Roxane Gay, after a day of harvesting and cooking up delicious organic veggies.

A lot of Roxane Gay’s writings were responses to pop culture – reviews of books she’d read or movies she’s seen – though many of them were broader responses to things happening in the world.  She writes about race, gender, sexual violence.  (I was particularly intrigued and inspired and enraged by her wrf56ee24a674420e43b36d21f95ffe5a1itings on women and sexual violence.  She is not a bad feminist.  She’s a smart and brave one.)  I really enjoyed this book, and I wasn’t expecting to – I’m more of a novel reader than an essay reader.

We chose our next book – The Big Sleep, by Raymond Chandler.  And WPBC is helping me with my reading challenge – I’ve read 34 books so far this year.  My goal is 52.  I’m on my way.  🙂

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