twenty-five things about me

25. I absolutely loved reading all the lists created by my family. πŸ™‚
24. Today I will finish the first non-fiction book I’ve read in years. (Possibly the first I’ve ever read, cover to cover, without being asked to by an educator from my past.)
23. I TOTALLY judge books by their covers.
22. I am not a card-carrying member of the BABIES ARE CUTE club. Which just proves that BJ is an EXCEPTIONALLY adorable child. πŸ™‚
21. I type smiley faces automatically to punctuate e-mails, texts and FACEBOOK comments. It’s a reflex. I don’t think about it, and yet they appear.
20. I used to talk to myself a lot. Now I talk to my dad. That thought makes me feel very peaceful and yet ridiculously sad simultaneously. (Nana often gets in on the convos as well.)
19. I haven’t driven stick since 2004, but when I did, I learned from the father of the Spanish family I was nannying for. IN SPANISH. I think it might be my greatest tangible accomplishment.
18. I rarely brag – but I kick ass at trivia contests involving Harry Potter, the Office and FRIENDS. And anyone at the Valley will confirm. (Regarding FRIENDS – there is only one formidable foe. Welcome to FACEBOOK Christy!) πŸ™‚
17. This fall I saw a baby cow enter the world. It was both beautiful and the most DISGUSTING thing I’ve ever witnessed.
16. I used to have a HUGE crush on Elisabeth Filarski when she was on SURVIVOR. Oh, the irony…
15. I love homemade cards, fake birthday parties, crockydiles, Eric Cartman, DYKES TO WATCH OUT FOR and vats of ginger beer. All thanks to TTODD. πŸ™‚
14. Every day I realize more and more how much I have in common with Maureen Murray. πŸ™‚
13. My NCCC year with the Crazy Eights and TEAM GREEN was one of the best experiences of my life.
12. I miss my kids from PHILLIPS like crazy.
11. When I think about my wandering tribe of kindred spirits, it makes me smile. When I realize that having friends that like to wander means that BUECKS now lives in Korea, it makes me ache.
10. When I called my dad to tell him that I’d pierced my nose, he hung up on me. Twice. πŸ™‚
9. I love playing games and sports – yet, often, I lack the attention span to watch them. Sorry I don’t like baseball.
8. I try to be a friend to the environment. And yet I use massive amounts of toilet paper and drink bottled diet Cokes like water. GREENZO OUT! πŸ™‚
7. Someday I hope to be a full-time vegetarian again. Maybe after my cravings for Italian cold cut sandwiches cease.
6. I always cry at weddings.Β  ALWAYS.
5. Three years ago, on the GBLT tour, I played in a waterfall at Yosemite with Joell and Matt. That moment still is one of the loveliest of my life.
4. I have the kinds of friends who let you crash on their couch, burn holes in their rugs, call at odd hours to spew out crazy and who understand that friendship can survive months or years of being thousands of miles apart.
3. This year I’ve learned to rock climb – one of the items on my list of THINGS TO DO IN MY LIFETIME. And yes – I do have a list. πŸ™‚
2. I believe that the line between Harry Potter enthusiast and HP freak is crossed when costumes are involved. Not when you own HP stuffed animals and have an album by HARRY AND THE POTTERS downloaded to your iPod. (Draco Malfoy – what’s your PROBLEM?)
1. It took me WAY longer to write this list than I thought it would. πŸ™‚

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