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This isn’t something I brag about, but I came in first in the Richmond County Fair’s hula hooping contest when I was eight years old.15738225-large

I know.  It’s pretty amazing.

So when I found out that one of my co-workers loved hula hooping and did it all the time, I was intrigued.  Apparently, she’s not the only one; there are lots of grown-ups who hula hoop.  (Sidebar: I really can’t grasp the verb version of this activity.  Hula hooping?  Using a hula hoop?  Hula-ing?  My friend often calls it “hooping.”  So I’m going to give that a try!)

When I won my ribbon, I got it by hooping around my waist for a decent amount of time. These Grown-Ups Who Hoop are WAY better than that.  My friend The Hooper can hoop on pretty much every part of her body.  She can do two hoops at once.  She can hoop on her foot while in downward-facing dog.  She can hoop on her knees and then pop the hoop up and hoop on her shoulders.

It’s awesome.

Lately my exercising hasn’t been very diverse.  I set the intention of getting back into yoga, but it hasn’t happened yet.  BUT I’ve been getting lots of good exercise working on my hooping!  The Hooper taught me a new trick – hooping on my elbow.

Maria-MitchellI can only hoop on one elbow at a time, but I can do it!  It’s pretty much my only trick.  But hopefully more hooping dreams will come true!

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