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#progressnotperfection #betterthanbefore

A new beginning can be an opportunity for change.

Any new beginning, big or small, can serve this purpose.

Today, my clean slate is simple.  It’s new.  It’s a bright green iPhone 5c.  🙂

maxresdefault In Better Than Before, Gretchen Rubin talks about the strategy of the clean slate.  Any fresh start is a good time to try to adjust our habits, and there are a few habits that I think I could adjust using my new phone as a clean slate.

1. Listening to podcasts or audiobooks on my phone while in the bathtub or shower.  This is not good for the phone; I am aware.  And I’ve been meaning to address this habit.  Now that I have a new, undamaged phone, this is a great time to start.

2. Checking my phone/texting/reading Facebook while driving.  (NOT GOOD.)

3. Listening to TV shows/audiobooks while falling asleep.  (I usually do this with our iPad, but this is as good a time as any to try to address this habit.)

I got a fancy new case for the new phone, and I’m going to try my best to keep it away most of the time.  I think I get a nervous feeling, like I need to have my phone within arm’s reach – but I don’t; that’s what ringtones and text alerts are for.  I’m also atteInTheMomentHerempting to keep the phone away while I’m driving – in my purse, on the backseat of the car so I’m not tempted to reach for it.

It’s not just about keeping the phone nice and undamaged.  (Though that’s part of it.)  And it’s not just about driving safety.  (Though that’s part of it, too!)  My phone has become a mega-roadblock to mindfulness – to doing one thing at a time fully.  You can’t do one thing at a time if you’re constantly checking Facebook on your phone and refreshing your e-mail.  If I want to live mindfully, I need to use this clean slate as an opportunity to make some changes.  (See future post on my month of mindfulness!)

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