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#musings #WhatWouldYouSay?

Every few months, I re-arrange my office.  Sometimes that involves moving furniture around, or redoing my bulletin board.  Often it involves a Google Image search for inspirational quotes, which I print in color, laminate, and hang on the walls.  I try to find words that will inspire the kids – the words I find always inspire me.

During this week’s search, I found this image, with imagesthis phrase: If you could write a note to your younger self, what would you say in only two words?


I could sit my younger self down and I could tell it lots of things.  Having to do it in only two words is a challenge that inspires me.

SAVE MONEY.  You’re gay.  Hug Dad.  Quit drinking.

Those are all awesome.  🙂  However, my answer for today is: stop worrying.

Worrying has added nothing to my life and it’s subtracted a lot of joy.  If a Ten-Years-From-Now version of me showed up on my doorstep in five minutes and simply whispered, Stop worrying!, and then ran away – I think that might be enough of a shock to jolt me out of my worrying habit, which gets me NOWHERE and is usually pointless.

What would you say?

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