#WildPeaceFarm #What’sYourChurch? #heart&soul

I absolutely love Sundays.

Every Sunday, from May through November, we wake up early to drink coffee, read, write – just lovely morning quiet time.  Then we pack up the car and we head to Catonsville for the Sunday farmers market.farmers_market_vegetable_vintage_art_tags_digital_collage_sheet_d8f0c81d

When Tee first started farming, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about working the farmers market.  I do love and enjoy people, but I’m not great with chit-chat and small talk.  I was a little worried that the market would feel like work, which is not how I like my Sundays to feel.

I’ve ended up loving the market.  It’s time with Tee – our customers and our co-vendors are all friendly and wonderful – we end up taking home a conglomeration of amazing and delicious food, practically free – we’re outside  – and, it’s a weekly ritual.

I’m not religious, but I strive for rituals.  I think that having special Sunday rituals is especially nice, since I think of Sunday as the beginning of the new week.  A few years ago, I had a group of friends who liked to go to brunch.  One of the guys jokingly referred to brunch as “gay church,” which made me laugh.  For some comicpeople, church is their church.  For Tee and me, a few years ago, we took a short walk down to the river every weekend and sat by a waterfall with our puppy, our coffees, and our books.  For others, their church is hiking, a bike ride, family time, outings with friends, relaxing routines in their homes, etc.

From May through November, the farmers market is my church.  This is, in part, because doing a Sunday market means that it can be difficult for us to go to church, which we do sporadically during winter months.  Mostly, I think of it as church because it’s a weekly Sunday ritual that nourishes my heart and my soul and helps me to feel replenished and ready for the week ahead.

What’s your church?

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