#soul #WildPeaceFarm

It’s utterly prosaic to feel ill.

All week, I’ve had that “crap, I’m getting sick feeling,” which manifests differently for different people.  For me, I usually feel it in my throat – like a lump in my throat.  And I am usually very aware of the lymph nodes in my necsoulk.

Anyway, I’ve not actually gotten sick yet.  Yesterday, I slowly got myself moving – took a long walk, made several pots of coffee – and then got myself over to the farm.  I found that while I was harvesting turnips and carrots, I was a little less aware of my throat and my lymph nodes.  It was refreshing to be outside, on a summery day with a light breeze, completing a repetitive task and listening to an audiobook.

I am due for a reflection, and I have a feeling that my #soul nourishment has been lacking for the past few weeks.  Yesterday was definitely a step in the right direction; more #soul nourishment to come!

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