#soul #Self-CompassionBreaks

roald dahlI think that there is strength in being able to stay calm, centered, and positive in the midst of annoyance.

This week, at the airport, I had some major annoyance triggers to deal with, and I found myself taking some Kristen Neff-style self-compassion breaks.  I closed my eyes, and I tried to bathe myself in the kind of loving, unconditional compassion that I offer to the small children inpreview my life.  I also tried to whisper let go and let dad to myself without looking any more like the crazy airport wanderer that I had become.

I’m far from perfect when it comes to staying calm and centered.  But I do get a satisfactory boost when I am able to keep from losing my temper and my ability to be positive, friendly, and compassionate in difficult situations.  I feel grateful and proud that I was able to survive a bout of air travel craziness without being rude or angry and without excessive complaining.  #BeingAirportFolk

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