#heart #musings

Slowly, carefully, and with apprehension, I have begun to share this blog with others, starting with a handful of people whose opinions I respect and who have known me for long enough to take very gentle care with my fpink-heart-clipart-dd94951b1281471ba2ee95df32e09855_p_400eelings.

I got some enlightening feedback from two of these individuals.  When telling them about heartsoulmindbody, these are (approximately) the words I used: “I started a blog.  It’s really stupid.  I hate it.  You’ll probably hate it, too.  Just don’t tell me.”  It was pointed out to me gently that I was being intensely self-critical, which I reference in an earlier post as something I am struggling to overcome.

Their comments made me realize something else – I don’t usually remember my posts very well.  I had to look back through the blog to find the self-criticism post they were referencing.  My memory can be extremely tricky.  One thing I’ve noticed about myself is that when I am being my most honest and authentic – sharing a story or feelings with a group I feel comfortable with – I tend to not remember exactly what I said.

Anyway – I am extremely grateful to these individuals for their positivity, their acceptance, and their interest.  Many thanks!

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