#HappyPeopleDon’tComplain #progressnotperfection

EASY TO BE HEAVYWith my efforts to refrain from complaining, I am realizing how hard it can be to not complain.  Without realizing it, we get into these habits – habits we don’t necessarily want to cultivate.  The habit I’ve gotten into is letting the negative be more important or memorable than the positive.

I’ve always thought of myself as a positive person.  While in college, I was appointed the Happy Heart chair in one of my groups – which meant I was in charge of making sure everyone had a happy heart at all times.  🙂  My friends nicknamed me “Sunshine,” and I’ve always been known for being quick and generous with smiles and hugs.

Yet I think that when I am in one place for a long time, I start to lose my rose-colored glasses and some of my natural positivity.  (When I refer to “one place,” I usually mean a job or a city, but I think this can refer to when I am in a mental/physical/spiritual rut as well.)  The longer I stay in one place, the more I am prone to notice things that are negatives – annoying policies at work, co-workers being “not nice,” etc.  So it becomes harder to be positive all the time.

Yesterday, a co-worker said something that really frustrated me.  Instead of snapping at her, or going back to my office and fuming for two hours (which I’ve done), I tried to answer her in a thumb.phppositive and constructive way.  Then I moved on with my day.  That felt so much better than obsessing about this interaction or perseverating on how annoyed I was.

Today, I am once again committing to look for the positive and to refrain from complaining – for the sake of my happiness and for others, too.

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