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The best thing about blogging is that it’s helping me to write mquotes_brene-brown_authenticity_tribal-simplicityore and to enjoy some soul-nourishing reflection time each day.

I think that it’s important on this blog to be authentic – to be myself.  I’m sort of sifting through a lot of things, and I like doing that.  But it means that a lot of the product I am putting out isn’t necessarily crafted for consumption by the outside world.  Like, sometimes I am writing with an imaginary audience in mind – but most of the time, I’m not.  So we’ll see how all this goes, and if I end up wanting to blog in a different way.  Now, in this moment, I am extraordinarily happy with heartsoulmindbody and I feel that this outlet is helping me to be myself in an honest and authentic way.img_0087

It’s also helping me to write more, and to be more optimistic about continuing to write more prolifically in the future.  I own lots of writing books; my bookshelves are crowded with them.  Nearly every book explains that the best thing an aspiring writer can do is write.  I’ve known this is true, and I’m experiencing the benefits now.  The more I write, the more I want to write, and the more ideas I have about other things I want to write about.

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