So I’ve been thinking a lot about the adoption wait process.  We’ve been waiting for a little over a year (about 14 months), and lately we’ve been getting an increased number of e-mails from the adoption agency with potential placements.  Which is great – because, you know, maybe that means Our Baby is coming home sooner rather than later?  But it also means that our whirlwind is getting crazier and more intense.

I’ve been considering compiling some of the lessons I’ve learned and stressors I’ve experienced during the wait in some way.  There are definitely books out there on adoption, but to date I haven’t picked any up that have really vibed with me.  So, we’ll see – maybe someday I’ll put it all down on the page and try to help other Adoptive-Parents-In-Waiting in an optimistic and light-hearted way.

This image encapsulates how I feel these days:

17661_10103167049234750_9182879348399406520_nI want to feel serene and peaceful and light-hearted.  I want my Higher Power to help me feel that way.  And I want her to hurry up and do it so I can enjoy my life!   Bluebird_in_Flight_by_princessmononokesan

I’ve heard that bluebirds are harbingers of happiness.  Nearly every day for the past month, I’ve spotted a bluebird (possibly an Eastern Bluebird, per Tee and our friend The Naturalist) as I’ve turned into the driveway toward our house.  I love bluebirds; they give me a jolt of joy like no other bird.  And I am hopeful that this bluebird is telling me that happiness is coming to our home.

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