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Currently, the Drafts section of heartsoulmindbody is crowded with half-written posts and semi-formulated thoughts.  This morning, I scanned through them briefly and updated a couple – but none of them were anything I wanted to write about today.

Today, I want to step back and look at how things have been this week, vis a vis balance…

#mind: This week, I spent Wednesday and Thursday at a training in Baltimore.  The training was about using Myers-Briggs to enhance clinical supervision in social work.  (I’ll write more about this in a later post.)  It’s really caused me to reflect on who I am and how I operate, as well as who others are and how they operate.  (Especially individuals with whom I sometimes struggle tremindero interact.)  It also has brought me a little peace regarding myself.  When I remind myself of who I am – e.g., I need time to process info before I express thoughts, I prefer life to be less scheduled and more spontaneous – I go easier on myself and I accept my quirks and traits more readily.

#heart: Cheers to springtime!  I always have an easier time nourishing my #heart in the spring.  During winter, I cuddle up at home with Tee and a good book; during spring, I do that, too – but my life naturally opens up for more time with others.  This Wednesday, we had the first Druid Hill Farmers Market of the season.  (Yay, Wild Peace Farm!)  And we had good friends stop by for organic veggies and to catch up on life, work, kids, adoption news, et al.  They have a precious toddler with the best laugh EVER, and it’s always good to spend an hour in a city garden, eating and chatting.

#body: My daily running habit is surviving and thriving!  I have a three-mile loop by our house that I’ve been completing on an almost-daily basis.  Sometimes I run most of it.  (Never all – it’s a very hill-y loop, and hills are WORK for me.)  Some days, I walk almost all of it.  But I get myself out there, and I do the loop.  It feels great, and it’s been really good to keep this habit.  There have been difficult days – usually days when the adoption wait is getting me down – and my afternoon run has been my salvation on those days.  It saves me from wallowing – it gives me some #soul time to process – and it keeps me feeling healthy and strong.  (It’s hard to keep your spirits usilencep if you feel unhealthy and weak!)

#soul: Lately, I’ve been craving silence.  Some of it is my introverted nature – there’s a lot going on with me emotionally, and silence helps me to process it.  Today, I’m heading over to Wild Peace Farm, and I’m hoping that the Boss (Tee) gives me a solo job, so I can dig up some weeds, listen to an audiobook, and be outside in the fresh air.

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