thought of the day


Yesterday I attended a training.  When we went around the room (groan) to introduce ourselves, the trainer asked us to share our name, where we worked, and a word that described us.

The room was filled with social workers, so there were a lot of common words – caring, thoughtful, passionate, dedicated, etc.  When it came around to my turn, I looked down at my paper.  Our first activity had been to create a personal ad, chock full of words describing us, so my paper was full of words about me – creative, fun, positive, etc.  But the word I finally chose?  Easy-going.word

The funny thing is, easy-going is one of a trio of qualities that I strive for and aspire to, but am never quite sure I have; the complete trio of qualities is peaceful, easy-going, and confident.  I would love to be peaceful, easy-going, and confident – and I am those things, a lot of the time.  BUT there are also times when I am crazed or anxious, controlling, and insecure.

However, choosing easy-going as my word had a funny effect on me: it made me feel easy-going.  I had a pretty laidback manner throughout the two-day training.  I went with the flow and I was pretty adaptable.

And you know what I realized?  That is who I am, most of the time.  I am easy-going; I go with the flow and I adapt to what’s happening around me fairly easily.

However, I am more than just easy-going.  I have a lot of other words, too.  I am sensitive and thin-skinned.  I am introverted and creative.  I am positive, passionate, and caring.

But our trainer asked us to pick only one word.  And I think the word I chose, out of all the words I could have, says a lot about how I feel and, perhaps, how I want to feel.  Some people chose words like busy, overwhelmed – I don’t know them, but I think their choice says a lot about how they’re feeling at this moment in time.  And I think the easy-going aspect of my nature is what I wanted to focus on this week – not the parts of me that can get sensitive or fretful.

What’s your word?

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