#heart #IdentificationOfTerms

This past week or so, there have been lots of opportunities for #heart:

-My brother and his family coming over for a Memorial Day cookout.  (My mom, in town from NY, came, too!)

-A dinner date with an AmeriFriend, who is getting married in two weeks!

-Catching up with a Genesee friend over a day on the farm and dinner at home.

-My sister stopping by the Catonsville Farmers Market, en route to Philly from DC.

-Meeting our friends’ three-week-old baby yesterday at market!

Each of these meetings and moments has been special and lovely.  And I anticipate more #heart moments to come!

Writing this has made me realize it would be helpful to have some shorthand for different experiences I’ve had, since I often will make references to how I know someone rather than using their name.


AmeriFriend: I completed two years of community service with AmeriCorps, during which I met some of the funniest, most adventurous, and most wonderful friends in my life.

Genesee: Tee and I met at an outdoor education center in northern Baltimore County; groups of children, adolescents, and adults would come to Genesee for a day of team-building activities.  Many of our friends also worked at Genesee, and a lot of couples we know actually met working at Genesee.  (We got married there, too!)

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