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When I think about the aspects of self I need to nurture, I notice that feeding my mind is the easiest and most natural for me.

I can be a homebody, and I live in the country, which can sometimes make time with family and friends tricky to facilitate.  I do love engaging in some refreshing soul work, but it’s something I have to be intentional about.  Exercising my body is something I enjoy, but when I fall into a slump or a rut, my motivation to feed my body sometimes suffers.

You managed the Times crossword in one sitting? Yes, on my trip to Australia.
ref=””> You managed the Times crossword in one sitting? Yes, on my trip to Australia.[/ca
What I’ve discovered is that a lot of my favorite activities are mind-nourishing.  Reading, writing, learning about play therapy – and CROSSWORDS! And of those activities, crosswords is an activity I almost never lost interest in, even on a bad, slumpy day.

A few months ago, I became seized with the idea of solving the New York Times crossword puzzle.  It was my sister who inspired me, by letting me know that the Sunday Times had published a puzzle with a The Sound of Music theme.  I ended up subscribing to the crossword puzzle – not the whole paper, just the puzzle! – and now I do a Times crossword almost every day.  I am rocking the Mondays and Tuesdays, and occasionally the Wednesdays.  For every other day, the “reveal word” option is my best friend.  🙂

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