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Tee and I have had a crazy spring; there’s been a lot happening, and we’re hoping that a lot more change and craziness is in our near future.  (!!!)  Recently, Tee made a suggestion after we finished dinner.

“Why don’t we go for a short walk?”

I really hope that this becomes a family tradition that we maintain for years and years, because I love it.  Our schedules have been a little off these past few weeks; Tee eats dinner at five o’clock, and I usually get home at 4:30ish and then go for a jog around our neighborhood, returning after she’s already finished eating.  Going for an evening walk has been our time together, to talk about our f452c770a61461cd05958c8b2924683fdays and to really pay attention to each other’s stories.  Too often, when we’re sitting in our house and chatting, one or both of us will get distracted by something – the laundry’s done, this item needs to be put away, etc.  While we’re walking, we have the other’s complete attention.

Additionally, I’ve always thought that going for a walk is a nice, gentle way to get some exercise, especially on days when I feel too busy or unmotivated to go running.  But, unless I have a destination, it’s sometimes weird to go for a walk solo.  With Tee, I’m getting some fresh air, some exercise, and some quality time with my love.

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