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#heartsoulmindbody #balanced

This weekend was lovely.

My mom was in town this weekend for my baby niece’s christening, so we celebrated Mother’s Day on Saturday with early morning manicures and pedicures.  My sister joined us for brunch afterward, and then we joined up with Tee, my brother and sister-in-law, and our nephew and nieces for our littlest niece’s christening.  Then Tee and I spent Sunday morning chatting about food, farming, and life at the weekly Catonsville farmers market.  #heart

On Sunday afternoon, when we got home from market, I went for a three-mile jog around our neighborhood.  Ever since the Broad Street Run (just a week ago), I’ve been feeling really positive and strong about running.  My exercise reimagesgime tends to suffer in the winter, and now it feels like it’s kicking back into gear.  #body

My Sunday evening was spent writing; I wrote three posts on heartsoulmindbody “from scratch,” which is the most prolific I’ve been in several weeks.  #soul  #mind

It’s wonderful what a balanced weekend can do for my outlook and my resilience at the beginning of a new week.  This morning, I’ve been stressed about money, work, and time.  (And I’ve only been awake for 40 minutes!)  But thinking about my balanced weekend has helped me to re-charge and to know that things can and will work out.

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