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One trick I am going to try using is Act the way you want to feel.ACTFEEL

Yesterday, I heard something annoying and insensitive that someone had said about my job and my co-workers.  It hurt my feelings, and it made me angry.

BUT I don’t like feeling hurt and angry, not for an extended period of time.  The way I want to respond to hurtful, insensitive comments is this:

1. Be hurt and angry.  But just for a moment.

2. Don’t take anything personally.

3. Vent about it tosomeone totally neutral, if I really need to.

4. Let it go.

I don’t think I did a perfect job of this with yesterday’s situation.  I vented about it to Tee, but I don’t think I really needed to.  Sometimes, I tell stories like this because I really need to vent.  But sometimes, I tell stories like this because I’m just telling Tee about my day and I pick this annoying story instead of the adorable story about the grinning little boy who showed me how to play Minecraft.  (I still don’t get it.)  155210_492000420817588_557109358_n

Also – I took it personally.  I try to remind myself that what other people think about me is none of my business.  It’s not about me – it’s about them.  That’s one of the reasons why I don’t want to hold on to these thoughts or feelings about other people’s comments for any longer than I have to; I don’t want to give negative comments any undue worth.  But, I am a work in progress.

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